69 Borderline Genius Date Ideas for Los Angeles

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Alright, alright. I might have oversold it slightly - not ALL of these 69 ideas are borderline genius. Some are just borderline. Others are straight up genius. That said, being single, original, AND creative in a town full of creatives is sometimes tricky... so I've decided to be charitable and help out those guys eager enough to ask me out with my list of 69 dates that I'd like to be taken on.

BUT if you're one of those "single, original, AND creative" guys who has a list of your own... by all means, if there's just one thing you learn from the fact that I've even made a list like this, I'm totally game for anything! And please if there are a ton of great ideas that I'm missing - by all means let me know in the comments below :). I just wanted to get to 69... but I'm always down for more.

Let the dating begin.
  1. Tasting Menu at Providence, because really what girl is going to say no to that?
  2. Secret beef at Totoraku, again, see #1. And yes, I'm a foodie so these are obviously going at the top. 
  3. Omakase dinner at Urasawa
  4. Impromptu dinner at Petit Trois, because I still haven't gone. 
  5. Maruhide Uni Club. I've been once. Hungover. Even then it was an epically hilarious and awesome experience. One I'd like to try again. Must love uni. (Check)
  6. Tasting menu at Alma, or just dinner at Alma. Since all they do are tasting menus ;). 
  7. Seasonal dinner at Maude
  8. Courtside seats at a Laker's game. I've pretty much seen them from everywhere else, but never been baller enough to make it up front. 
  9. Shoot shotguns at Mike Raahauge's and drink whiskey. Yes, I am that type of girl. 
  10. Outdoor movie night at Barnsdall Art Park. This is easily my favorite outdoor movie screening series...
  11. Drive-In movie at Vineland Pacific Theaters.
  12. Seeing a show at the theater in the Ace Hotel. I love checking out new venues and this one I've yet to see. 
  13. For-the-Record at the DBA. Went to Tarantino. Excited for Baz. 
  14. Bouldering at LA Boulders. (Or Rockreation, but I haven't seen the new downtown climbs yet.)
  15. Visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology. If you get it like I get it, then we'll get along great. 
  16. Bends & Booze at Golden Road. I worked with Living Social Adventures too long - all fun workout activities should always be paired with booze!
  17. Bottles of wine, the sunset, and Yamashiro Farmer's market. They all go together so nicely. 
  18. Line dancing at Cowboy Country Saloon. In addition to my whiskey and shotgun loving, Country music also gets me going. 
  19. Check out the Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park. It'll be Instagram worthy. 
  20. Speaking of Instagram worthy, also checking out Sunken City
  21. I used to go to the Ballona Wetlands when I was a kid and help with the environmental clean-up. It'd be nice to do it again!
  22. Jump on the Do Good Bus. And just do some more good. 
  23. Spin the OOMO Cube in Little Tokyo and pretend we're at Astor Place. And then probably go gorge on ramen or other yummy things. 
  24. Cliff Jump (but not from the super high one) in the Malibu Creek State Park
  25. What listing please? Batman. Batman? Batman. Visit the Bronson Canyon Caves. Also visit the Hollywood Lake, because who knew THAT was a thing?
  26. Go see the Endeavor. I know, you've probably already done that. But I haven't. And it's a space shuttle. Can you really ever see it TOO many times? Also bicycle across that tight-rope thing and pretend to pick me roses in the rose garden. 
  27. Paddleboat in Echo Park
  28. Beat me in Skee-Ball at One Eyed Gypsy. I love parlor games, but aside from Jenga I'm not SUPER great at them. Jenga tho? I'll kick your ass. 
  29. Eat Oysters every day for a week!
    1. Monday - $1 Oysters at Delphine in Hollywood (5pm - 10:30pm)
    2. Tuesday - $1 Oysters at Pearl's Liquor Bar (All night)
    3. Wednesday - $1 Oysters at The Churchill (6pm - midnight)
    4. Thursday - $1 Oysters at Back House Restaurant (4pm - 6:30pm // 10pm - close)
    5. Friday - $2 Oysters at Joe's Restaurant (6pm - close)
  30. Sky Zone in Torrance. Yep. 
  31. Murphy Ranch. Dilapidated graffitied buildings are kind of awesome.  
  32. Buy me a lap dance at Jumbo's Clown Room. Or the Body Shop. Two different kinds of nights. 
  33. Take cheesy photos at LACMA. Under the rock. In the street lights. And post them on Tinder.
  34. Visit the Abalone Cove Tide Pools... but are we allowed to eat the Uni if we find them?
  35. Shitty Jobs at UCB. It just reminds me how much I actually like my job. 
  36. Get all dressed up go to a screening at Last Remaining Seats.
  37. High tea at the Huntington Library and Gardens. Oh and chase the peacocks. They probably frown on that, but let's be rebels.  
  38. Opaque - Dining in the Dark. Again - life experiences. Still haven't done this. 
  39. Take me to a Wolvesden dinner, because Craig Thornton is a genius artist chef. 
  40. Check out a cool exhibit at Gallery 1988. Granted nothing will beat the "There's Always Money in the Banana Stand" show. 
  41. Stop and smell the roses at Descanso Gardens
  42. The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail. Yay nerds and Meltdown Comics!
  43. Design me a meaningful and FUN bar crawl :)
  44. Strawberry picking at Underwood Family Farms
  45. Find the underground tunnels in LA? And then sip on some prohibition cocktails afterwards. Be sure to pour some out for the homies. 
  46. Dine at the Cafe at the End of the Universe and then head into the Griffith Observatory to check out the stars. 
  47. Cheap massages, Din Tai Fung, and shopping at 99 Ranch
  48. Sunset Horseback Ride to a Mexican Restaurant. Yeah. It's a thing. And apparently the "fun" is had when you ride back after a few Margaritas. 
  49. Hike the Shipwreck Trail. I don't really like hikes, but I do like cool shipwrecks. 
  50. Maybe not a first date - but checking out Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch... on the way to Vegas? (Check)
  51. Ostrich Farm!! Yeah I've been... But I'll go again. 
  52. Speaking of farms, the Llama and Alpaca farm is also on that list. 
  53. Visit the Echo Park Travel Mart & Wackos
  54. Turtle Racing at Brennen's
  55. Tour the South Bay Refinery
  56. Check out the Insane Asylum to the PanIQ Room
  57. See Sleep No More Opening Weekend in LA (hopefully still a very true rumor... )
  58. Question the meaning of life at the Topanga Lookout
  59. Slightly skeptical at this one since I am NOT one for scary things - but I do enjoy interactive theater experiences, so checking out the Haunted Play: Delusion. Warned, I WILL scream in your ear - and am prone to panic outbreaks. But it does look really freaking cool. 
  60. Check into No Vacancy at Hotel Juniper. 
  61. Ox Penis Soup at Nature's Pagoda. We might need a 3rd party to hook this one up - unless you happen to speak Chinese?
  62. Don our best Medieval attire and hit the RenFaire (Renaissance Pleasure Faire) because that seems like something that should be done at least once. 
  63. Attend a polo match at Will Rogers state park. 
  64. Play a game of Catan. Just. I LOVE this game and have no one to play with! 
  65. Zipline in Venice Beach. Or if we want to make a day trip out of it - Catalina
  66. Have an "intimate animal encounter" at the LA Zoo. 
  67. Pirate Dinner Adventure. Because Medieval Times is so 1996. 
  68. Beat Ms. Pac-Man at EightyTwo.
  69. Get lucky.
Additional Ideas!!
I've now knocked a bunch of these off the list so here's a few new ones I've found that I'd want to try!

- Check out the stars at the Griffith Observatory
- Visit the Chandelier Tree in Silver Lake & maybe hit up Little Dom's afterwards for oysters and champagne. 
- Watch planes take off at Clutter's Park with brown bagged wine and snacks. 
- Visit Paramount Ranch and take silly photos!
- Party it up at KCREW's summer nights.
- Enjoy a kaleidoscope of colors at Randyland in Echo Park.
- Hike the Wisdom Tree and leave nice words for fellow adventures. 

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