Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

by - 11:12 AM

Morning chat from my Emotional Eating friend: "Okay... WATCH THIS."  

And because I always do whatever he tells me, I hit play. 

Then the title card comes up.  TINY HAMSTERS EATING TINY BURRITOS. 

In.  I am already sold.  This is going to be the greatest video ever. 

And then who do I see MAKING THOSE TINY BURRITOS? 

My friend Farley Elliot

Well played Farley.  Well played.  Please make more of these.  MANY MORE of these.  

With that said, I cannot wait for the following: 

A) The techno remix of Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos
B) The flurry of Tiny Animals Eating Tiny Things copy-cat videos (which if I was allowed to have Tiny Animals I would TOTALLY be making them too...)
C) Farley's appearance on Tosh.0
D) That campaign that I'm going to start to have Biddy the Hedgehog star in their next video!


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