Words of Wisdom from God Himself

by - 1:31 PM

It's a normal Tuesday. I'm sitting at my desk finishing up my lunch leftovers of Simpler Times beer can chicken smothered in Stout Sriracha BBQ Sauce with a side of Black Lager infused Risotto (yeah I just had to throw that all in there... my lunch is better than yours) when I feel a strong and firm hand on my shoulder.

"Young lady - I wanted to share a philosophy that I was always told - If you want something... you should just ask for it."
Good solid advice... from... Morgan Freeman?

Yes.  I was touched by the hand of GOD.  And what did he want?  Toothpicks.  True Story.  That JUST happened.  Pretty sure this is the highlight of my day.  It's only going downhill from here...

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