Where Hipsters Meet Raunchy Tofu Balls... #Brokechella

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There's a certain awesome calm that sets over Los Angeles on those crazy Coachella weekends. With all those young 20-somethings clogging the 10 and the 60 out to Indio Valley, it leaves our city with a delightfully traffic light edition.  Plus, as much as I love to hate on the "But first... let me take a #selfie" song, it's kind of nice that those girls have for the most part vacated the city.

What does that leave behind?

  1. The few cowboy boot wearing LA residents who are like... Coachella-what? When is Stagecoach?
  2. Those unfortunate #selfie loving girls who don't have rich boyfriends or parents to fund their weekend excuses to binge on ecstasy and fill up their IG accounts with Lacoste alligators, lit up balloon arches, and trippy art installations.  
  3. Gen Y who are like, omg... I totally remember back in the day before Coachella became a "sell out" and it was actually fun. Now I'd never be caught dead there with all those Gen Z kids. 
  4. Everyone who realizes that paying $10 for awesome music, raunchy tofu balls, a dude who let's face it will probably be dressed in a banana suit, oh right AND PUPPYCHELLA is so much better than sweating it out in the dessert for the weekend. 

Tickets are totally still available at brokechella.com for $10 or $25 for BIP (Broke Important Person.)

Saturday April 19th
 590 South Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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