Get Yo Ballz Wet at Button Mash!

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Ngyuen & Thi Tran didn’t set out to shake-up the pop-up food world with their balls, but that’s just what they’ve done.

5 years ago, the hollywood power exec couple started cooking their simple food out of their apartment complex in North Hollywood, and almost overnight it turned into one of the highest rated and easily most buzzed-about Yelp “restaurants” out there. Realizing that they might have accidentally stumbled on something quite genius, they decided to just go for it, quit their jobs and really give this food world a real shot.

Isn’t that how so many incredible trends start? Accidental genius?

So they took everything they knew about creating Hollywood blockbusters and applied it to their menus and ideas. From running several successful pop-up restaurants, hosting once in a lifetime & sometimes even illicit dinners, they really understand how to capitalize on the idea of underground and renegade cooking operations and that social media can easily create a trendsetting frenzy.

Now they’ve settled into a permanent arcade / restaurant and are slinging their takes on a lot of classic asian fusion dishes, but one stand out in particular is their succulently tender pork belly sandwich. Similar to a bahn mi, this is a great take on the popular Vietnamese po-boy and the best part is, if you’re stuck waiting for a table they have tons of other things around to keep you more than entertained.

Like Street Fighter. But sadly no Duck Hunt.

Button Mash
1391 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 250-9903

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