What the Heck are Cannabis Terpenes & Why are They in My Cocktails?

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Since California just legalized marijuana - we've been waiting in anticipation for what that news brings to the food world...

Sure Jason Eisner over at Gracias Madre has been shaking up cbd infused cocktails since before the vote - but there's a new kid in town with their own special brew. Welcome Prank to DTLA - a fun new bar concept that features 2 story high sliding glass walls that are sure to be open all summer long letting customers flow easily from inside to out, a ton of bar foods albeit with a healthy twist, and an elixir cocktail menu laced with something called cannabis terpenes.

When I asked Dave Whitton, the man behind the madness - he explained them as the oils secretions from the cannabis plant that have a ton of anti-inflammatory health benefits and are part of the secret of the "medicinal" side of marijuana.

Pretty cool stuff! Upon further research I came across this info-graph that lays it out pretty well. Not only that but it's extracting the benefits without the high so thankfully I can drink these to my hearts content! (Well until I pass out from the booze... so basically I'm thinking of these as pre-emptive helpers to hangovers).

In addition to the fun cocktail program - I have to say I really appreciated what they're doing with bar food. It doesn't go overboard in the "healthy" department - but each dish does have a little tinge of healthier eating like their kobe beef burger with veganaise that still delivers the flavor without as much of the punch.

So check it out next time you're catching a game at Staples center! Heard they're going to have a pretty killer happy hour too!

Prank DTLA
1100 S. Hope St.
Los Angeles, CA

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