Donut Friend

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Musician and Producer, Mark Trombino has produced for Blink-182, Rilo Kiley, and Jimmy Eat World, he left music world to make some dough - literally!

The Highland Park shop, Donut Friend, creates exotic stuffed and glazed options named after punk rock bands, but also offers a DIY donut bar so you can create any trend your heart desires. Fill your dough with slices of locally sourced & seasonal fruits, goat cheese, a compote, Nutella, coconut cream, peanut butter or a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Top with maple, chocolate or vanilla bean glaze. Sprinkle everything with some Siracha, coconut bacon, olive oil, nuts or crushed Oreos. The possibilities are good enough to fulfill all your crazy doughnut combination dreams.

A chocolate ice cream sandwich donut is filled with vanilla ice cream plus choice topping(s). There's also donut holes, donut bread pudding, sundaes, and smoothies.

Donut Friend is probably the first of it’s kind to offer a fully DIY donut shop experience. Everything from options to toppings, they’ve got it covered, and for a society that’s really hitting the height of coveting customizable and signature foods, this is easily a trend- worthy shop worth exploring.

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