Where Water Meets Fire: Bardesonno's Amazing Fire Pit

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OK, right? This is like the most amazing fire pit I've ever seen. I could literally sit here for hours just starring at it's magnificence... but be warned, I know that if I were to try and make s'mores here, I know they'd come out a soggy mess.

So recently Buick invited a group of us up to Napa for a fun little road trip and put us up at what I can only describe as a little bit of heaven right here on earth. Bardessono is smack dab in the middle of Yountville, a stone's throw from French Laundry, Ad Hoc, Bottega, Bouchon, Redd, Hurley's... the list goes on and on. Basically a foodie's paradise. Add in tons of amazing tasting rooms, incredibly interesting art, and well... you get the picture.

And this hotel is like the epitome of spa life. Each room comes equipped with it's own massage tables, spa robes, fire places, beauty bar kits... and something called a "champagne bathtub" which, let me just tell you when you google champagne bathtub - you do not get an appropriate search algorithm for what it actually is.

No. It's not a bath tub filled with champagne. Even though they do have that as a spa option out there in the world (I'm pretty sure I've seen it in Japan). But it's like a hot tub with tiny little jets all along the bottom of the tub. Let me just say it was kind of like bathing in a bidet. I did not fully enjoy it, but I could totally get how someone would.

Anyways - expect several more posts on the amazingness that is Napa and wine country. I did my due diligence and drank heavily for 5 days just for you ;).

Oh and if you want to check out the super awesome car that Buick loaned me for a few days -

How cool is that? We totally lucked out and got the winterberry red car... the perfect color for wine country. Everyone else in our group got silvers & grey. They clearly knew who the party crew were in the group before we even arrived.

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