Sir - There's a Bone in My Ramen!

by - 3:05 PM

After seeing my foodie spirit animal & friend Stir & Style post about this crazy little eatery in Atwater Village not far from my boo's house - talking about a BONE MARROW ramen, you know I had to get there to #BoneLuge stat.

Well not quite so stat... took me a little while to finally make it over there, but we finally did. On Valentine's Day. And I'm SO happy we did!

To start... the ramen itself was actually crazy flavorful. It's covered in a bunch of onions and freshly pickled veg for a bright and vibrant flavor. But then there's the bone marrow. Rich, melty, oily, and bursting with savory happiness. It melted right into the ramen and made for a heavenly bite of food. I am still dreaming about it!

The rest of their menu is full of a lot of ramen hood favorites, but I've been told the avocado toast is worthy of a try on my next visit.

And to wash it all down #BoneLuge style - they actually have INCREDIBLY good prices on wines and sake! Like legit bottles for around $28. What a steal for date night.

Ozu East Kitchen 
3224 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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