Soon LA... Soon You'll Have Slanted Door

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I've loved Chef Charles Phan for quite some time and actually had the pleasure of eating his food on a few occasions at various pop-ups, food festivals, and whatnot - but now I've been to the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building in SF - and I'm seriously SO EXCITED to welcome him & his food to Los Angeles later this year!!

We were invited up by Buick for quite the fun little road trip to CAAMfest (the largest Asian American Film Festival out there) and this was a stop along the way.

Now you can never go wrong with the crispy imperial rolls which I've been fortunate to try before... but fresh at the restaurant was a whole new experience! Crispy and flavorful, we could have easily popped a whole tray of these in our bellies if given the chance.

But it was actually the green papaya salad with pickled carrot, rau ram, crispy shallot & roasted peanut that blew me away! I normally hear papaya salad and brace myself for an intense fiery battle (I've probably gotten too used to Jitlada) but this one was lightly spiced and insanely refreshing.

And the shaking beef was shaking beef. Cooked well and seasoned nicely - but what really brought this dish to life was the sweet and tart lime sauce that came with it. It was so bright and vibrant and man... I would have totally had a shaking beef cocktail were that an option.

All in all a pretty fantastic meal... chef when you're opened up in LA, expect me there regularly!

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