Fall in Love with Cauliflower Steak at Goose & Gander

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Cauliflower steak is like the Narwhal of dishes... I'm always seeking out this mythical creature, constantly being presented with regular whales, but FINALLY. Finally I've found one that actually holds true to its name... and sadly? It's all the way up in Napa Valley!!

Guess I'm going to have to plan a few more trips up for Goose & Gander.

But seriously - this cauliflower was a nice thin slice, grilled to perfection so it was still soft and tender on the inside but with a very distinct char and spice to the outside. Topped with a variety of complimenting flavors and textures this dish absolutely won me over.

Actually the whole restaurant won me over. I mean look at these cucumber collins! Pickled and regular cucumbers with huckleberry, Square one cucumber vodka, yuzu, lemon and seltzer!  And yes it tasted just as refreshing as it looked. Perfect for a nice summer day when you need a break from wine tasting.

Plus. Really. Every single dish we ordered from the crispy olives with roasted pistachios to the heirloom beets and Sicilian pistachio crumble with Burrata and balsamic (pictured above) was absolutely delicious. A definite must stop anytime you're in the neighborhood! Thank you Silver Oak for the fantastic meal suggestion.

Goose & Gander
1245 Spring Street
St. Helena, CA 94574

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