#50 Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

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#50 on the 69 Borderline Genius Dating Ideas - Visit Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

I've heard about Elmer's crazy Bottle Tree Ranch off of Route 66 for quite some time but given that most Vegas trips start with driving out after work in the dark and the return trips are fueled by a hangry hangover -- there's no time for stopping for artwork.

But I was determined, and boy am I glad I finally made the trek because this place was AWESOME! Created by a scavenger & collector Elmer Long - this place is basically his bottle-fueled dreamscape imagined after his father left him with a large collection of empty glasses and the will to design. It's a strange forrest on the middle of a dessert road surrounded on all sides by empty landscapes, train tracks, and the passing trucker.

Elmer and his wife live on the ranch and are happy to come out and chat with anyone passing by. Even in the 120º heat he threw on a hat and walked around a bit to show us all the places he wanted to expand but was being roped in by his wife who knew that if she gave him the reigns there'd be acres of junkyard art. I have to say given what he's done on this plot of land - I'd be happy to see him expand. 

The ranch is open sunrise to sunset and is located right on Route 66. Just down the road there's a great (yet just suffered from an electrical fire but seems like it's going to bounce back real quick) biker bar called Iron Hog Saloon that had a hot tub, stripper pole, and firetruck parked right outside. Stories of this bar pre-fire sound amazing and I can't wait to head back to check it out when it's re-done!

It doesn't cost anything to visit the ranch but Elmer accepts donations and after you see it you'll totally want to help the cause.

Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch
24266 National Trails Highway (Route 66)
Ore Grande, CA 92368

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