The Ultimate Hangover Grilled Cheese

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Sometimes you wake up hungover and you think to yourself... fuck. What's wrong with me.

I've done that.

Probably more often than I should.

For me, there are three types of hangovers I experience.

Life is just too painful to keep living, and at that exact moment I'd wish for nothing more than a swift and speedy death because that would be more fun than what I'm experiencing right this very moment.

I would give up my first born for a pizza right now.  
Then there are times that I'm hungover just enough that I know I'm not dying, but I also know that if I don't get a pizza within 30 minutes I'm going to die. Those are the mornings where I can usually make it from my bed to the couch just so I can watch Friday Night Lights on repeat.

Borderline Genius
And then there are times where I think I might still be a little drunk, I'm riding the high of a great night out, and I have a whole kitchen at my disposal. In general hangover brunches with piles of candied bacon, mish-mashes of eggs, vegetables, and whatever random meats I can find in the freezer, and lots and lots of toast are in order... but this one time? I made what I can easily say is one of my favorites thus far - The Ultimate Hangover Grilled Cheese.

OK great Nicole, you've got my attention. But how do you make this you might ask?

Well first. Get a friend. A really good friend who will do things like bring you foie gras, caviar, and homemade bone marrow butter. YEAH. THAT'S A THING.

Oh, you don't have a friend like that? Well then you're sh*t out of luck.

Just so you can truly be jealous, look below. Look at that warm, meaty, melty butter. It's just dripping into the deep and wondrous nooks & crannies of that fatty steak. Yeah... you want that. Like in your mouth right now. Dammit, now I do too.

Anyway, so once you get an awesome friend, here's what you do next.

Go out. Get super drunk. Rage all night with your very best friends. Make good mistakes. Drink a gallon of water when you get home. Turn on Californication and let Hank Moody's soothing voice lull you to sleep.

Wake up, realize you're awesome & then make this.

Or wake up, realize you're not me, and then salivate over photos of ridiculous food on my instagram account @ItsBorderlineGenius.

The Ultimate Hangover Grilled Cheese
From Nicole Iizuka
  • 2 slices really good sourdough bread
  • 1/4 lb. medium rare steak cooked in bone marrow butter
  • 2 slices kraft american cheese
  • 1 heirloom tomato, sliced (because heirlooms are just better)
  • 1 sprig thyme 
  • 1 tbsp. kewpie mayonnaise 
  • 1 tbsp. bone marrow butter
  • Parmesan cheese

So start with your steak. Season it with salt and pepper and then heat up your cast iron just until it starts to smoke. Throw in some bone marrow butter, let it melt, and then throw the steak on the heat. Let it cook. Just when the bottom starts to brown and crisp up, flip that bad boy over. Now here's the fun part, add another dab of butter right on top so it's just covering itself in bone marrow happiness. Once it's about a medium rare {touch your thumb to your pointer finger and feel the squishiness of the skin just under the thumb. now touch your meat. they should feel the same.} pull it off and let it rest. 

Slice it thin and set aside. Take one slice of bread and top it with 1 slice of american cheese. Then slice up your tomatoes and add them on top. Add a nice handful of steak, one more slice of cheese and the other piece of bread. 

THEN, coat the top of the sandwich with 1/2 tbsp. of mayo, the thyme leaves (not the stick. to make time you must pull thyme!) and an heavy shaving of parmesan cheese. Like a nice heart-y layer. 

Heat up your skillet to a medium-high heat and then hit it with some bone marrow butter. Most people butter the bread so that you don't get too much butter on the sandwich, but f-that, I'm hungover. I want butter. Throw the sandwich parmesan side down into the pan and let it cook. Wait until the cheese starts to melt and the bottom is browned. Slater the rest of the mayo on the top of the sandwich, add a little more parmesan, and then flip it over. 

Let it finish cooking until the cheese is melted and both sides are nice and toasty. Serve it warm with some more parmesan shaved on top and maybe some tomato soup or a little salad because veggies do a body good. 

So if you don't have an awesome friend, and regular butter won't suffice... this site called MommyPotamus has a good recipe for how to make your very own bone marrow butter!

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  1. Cooking with cheese elevates every dish, and what better cheese than Manchego? Its rich, nutty flavor adds depth to any recipe, from gooey grilled cheese to creamy pasta sauces. A culinary delight indeed!


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