969 is such a sad number to me...

by - 11:25 AM

Sure - I'll admit, this is a little bit of a humble brag... because 969 followers is pretty f-ing awesome & I love each and every one of you! But overall, as a number, it's just like the saddest threesome ever. You see the 69 hanging out there, enjoying each other, having a swell old time. Even 669, at least the third party is spooning in on the action. 699, same deal. But 9....69. That lil old 9 is hanging out. By himself. Not even watching the action. Probably with an ass on his back.

Just wanted to say... it's bumming me out. So feel free to follow me & make my numbers happy again! Because you know what would be a happy number? 6699. Or 6969. Don't even get me started on 4-some etiquette. 

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