Caviar and Croissant Dreams | Tesse in Los Angeles

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When I heard that there was a new restaurant Tesse coming to Sunset Blvd back in June, my interest was piqued for sure. It's always nice to have new additions to the neighborhood. Then I saw that my FAV girl crush chef Sally Camacho Mueller was running the pastry program and a partner, I knew that I'd at least be spending many a night drinking wine and eating desserts there! 

But THEN I saw one of their appetizer offerings... the caviar toast with a crisp potato latke, creme fraiche, a delicate purple potato chip and a garnish of chives and I fell in LOVE. It was everything and more in a bite and while I can't say that I loved all the dishes I've had there - there are a list of things that they do that are absolute perfection. 

Like chef Raphel Francois' bone marrow pasta, complete with a side pour #BoneLuge of a special Madeira from wine director & partner Jordan Ogron... 

When you go for dinner - my recommendation? Start with as many Caviar Toasts as you can handle. Then go hog wild on amassing the best charcuterie board ever. The Blue Crab Simplissime is like whipped crab potato butter heaven and if you've never Bone Luge'd before - get the bucatini with bone marrow - but really. You will want to save room for dessert. And Jordan's dessert wine pairings. That's where happiness lives and a dinner of caviar, charcuterie, cheese, desserts, and wine sounds pretty great to me. :) 

But this post is actually about brunch! Which they've fairly recently launched at the restaurant and it comes with it's own set of delicious dishes... and the BEST pastry bar ever. I'm not entirely sure how this works (and I'll be back once I'm done with Keto so I'll report then) but when you enter, there's an outrageous spread of all of Sally's specialties and trays to amass as many sweets as you can handle. My favorite by far was the simple and sweet morning bun (above).

Also - speaking of sweets the "Pain Perdu" was a thick cut french toast with maple, berries and bananas, and was just as light, fluffy, and rich as it looks. The caramelized bits of sugar crusting the toast was fantastic and even leftovers the next morning were great.

One of the dishes I found super interesting was their play on a "lobster roll" - is actually a lobster sausage with tarragon, fried shallots, cheese, and a beurre blanc on top. The sausage itself was actually super flavorful and I know they serve this on their dinner menu as well... I wouldn't go out of my way to order it in the future - but I'd honestly like to see that lobster sausage used in other ways because it's pretty awesome on it's own!

And Kale's favorite easily was the "Eggs and Fries" made with home fries, whipped eggs, prosciutto and delicious dollops of hollandaise. It's nothing mind blowing, but the flavors in this dish were all comforting, rich, and melded together perfectly.

Like dinner - I'd say that the winner here tho are Sally's pastries. Start with sweets and drinks (and caviar if you still want to) and then see how much room you have left for other food! 

Tesse Restaurant
8500 Sunset Blvd. Suite B
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 360-3866
*They do have a parking lot below as well as Valet parking in front. 

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