Dia de los Muertos Bridal Shower Cake

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I think in order to qualify to be considered a true friend of mine, you have to be a little different. Unique, special, and awesome essentially. I don't deal well with basic & I'm proud to say I've cultivated a seriously talented, impressive, and intelligent group of friends that I am so happy to have in my life.

So when one of them decides that in lieu of a traditional bridal shower, she wants it to be themed Dia de los Muertos - that's where the fun really starts! I wanted to make sure that the cake was extra specially her so I added a few seemingly strange details like a surfing corse bride, and a travel pack kit, DSLR included, but honestly making little sugar skull fondant flowers was an absolute blast and actually ended up being a little easier than I'd originally thought! The wilton foodwriters pens were an absolute must, and really let me create the fun details that brought this project to life.

Also special thanks to my cake maestro wizard Courtney Fredericksen from Duff's Cakemix to whom I pretty much owe everything to! You are my fondant spirit guide, funfetti queen, and all around cake crafting guru to my life.    

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