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While the idea of a crowded festival full of lines waiting for tiny bites of food might not always sound the most intriguing to anyone but serious foodies - I have to say that if you do venture to choose 1 food festival to check out, my money is most certainly on Los Angeles Times - The Taste that happens like clockwork every year over Labor Day weekend! Like all good food festivals this one is chock full of local chefs slinging savory bites of delight, wineries pouring their latest vintages, and interesting cooking and cocktail demos - but this festival has 3 great things going for it that you might not find elsewhere...

While most festivals are of the food and wine variety, the Taste is incredibly serious about their booze. Not only are there normally a healthy selection of various spirits, they love pouring and as I've found after taking my parents - there is no limit to how many shots of tequila one will do in a row before having to cut yourself off! But not only that, but they have a lot of fun making the cocktail program a lot of fun - giving us regular people a glimpse into how the industry truly parties.

Even being a super hollywood rat pack brat - there's really no point in your life that you aren't at least a little giddy about being on a backlot. It's just such a cool location and if you haven't been then this is absolutely a great way to check it out!!

While tickets aren't necessarily an easy price to stomach - overall the cost / benefit of these tickets - especially once you consider how many cocktails are factored in - are actually quite reasonable in the grand scheme of things. If you really can't afford it - you should always check out the likes of Goldstar, or look for contests as they do like to giveaway a lot of tickets as well.

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