We Took the AYCE Crawfish Challenge & One of Us Reigned Supreme | Frontier Chicago

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When my (ex)boyfriend, a bonafide east coast seafood fanatic heard that Frontier Chicago was hosting an AYCE crawfish boil he was immediately "in." He got so giddy with excitement that I couldn't help but say yes even though I know that I'm not the fastest with de-shelling the sea roaches.

After years of practicing, I still don't understand how some people can twist, pop, pop and wind up with a fully in-tact little nugget of meat!

So we headed up to the restaurant, settled into our seats and the food started rolling in. Seasoned heavily with a ton of roasted garlic, the crust on these guys was fantastic. I know this because it was soaked into the corn. A much easier way to get the flavor without the work.

But my (ex)boyfriend tucked in and started going to town. For every 1 I did, he did about 10. Pretty sad ratio for me. I was more into chatting up our neighbors who were all also seafood fans but didn't super get the appeal of the crawfish work. One of them even ordered up a shrimp po-boy because she just gave up on getting down & dirty.

He wanted to see how much he could handle. He'd never done an AYCE before, knew his capacity and love for seafood ran deep, and really wanted to see what kind of damage he could really do. Turns out, about 9 pounds of crustacean carnage! That's a lot of shellfish - lemme tell you.

Anyways - Frontier, I applaud you on a meal well done! We also did their duck duck goose, whole animal madness which was equally as amazing... although VERY sparse with the vegetables. I could see myself having many heart attacks here. Even their Brussels sprouts were deep fried and covered in cheese - but if you're looking for delicious takes on crazy proteins, this is your place. 

Next time I'm in town - I need to find the group that will whole Alligator with me for sure. That's a life goal. 

Frontier Chicago
1072 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

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