Finding Incredible Buffalo Wings in Evanston? | Buffalo Joe's

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I will say I never expected to find my new favorite buffalo wings in Evanston...

We were up in the area visiting F.E.W. Spirit's distillery, working up quite the appetite after tasting their incredible selection of handcrafted hooch... (more to come on them later) but afterwards I for one was in serious need of some substantial food and had heard rumor of a wing joint that delivered some exceptional wings.

So we headed on over to Buffalo Joe's, walked in, and said hello! In probably not the smartest move we asked... "so what's good here?"

They were not amused. There was some eye rolling and head shaking and we ordered up a few dozen wings, some cheesy fries and grabbed ourselves a table in the back.

Now - there are a lot of theories to what goes into an awesome wing, cooking it the right way, oven vs. grill, basting it in butter, but the #1 thing that makes a wing is it's sauce. And this sauce was absolutely something special!

A little creamy, rich and buttery, nicely spicy, and the kind of sauce that sticks to every bit of your finger and the chicken as you're chowing down. Now we didn't order up the Suicide sauce, covered in a ton of jalapeños, but after leaving we learned we'd made a slight mis-step. That said, I think the spicy was hot enough for me... I don't know if I'd survive the suicide. But if you can handle, then it's totally worth the hang.

Buffalo Joe's
812 Clark Street
Evanston, IL

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