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Craft Hill is setting out to change the world of fast casual expectations - one location at a time. The owners wanted to figure out how they could make a Chili’s, or a BJ’s but healthier and better. They were sick of seeing these big chain restaurants serve shitty food - when the options and abilities to actually do farm to table in those settings is possible.

What they, probably correctly, assumed was that a lot of people in those neighborhoods just aren’t used to the ability to have fresh, locally sourced, foods at price points that are actually affordable - so they set out to change people’s tastebuds and show them that they can actually ask for quality when it comes to food.

Everything on their menus are locally sourced, expertly cooked, and honestly of the caliber of much more expensive restaurants in trendier locations. But they’ve kept their food prices low, and put a lot of familiar items on their menu, like burgers & pizzas - so people know what they’re ordering, but making them better.

Their first 3 locations are in South Pasadena, Monrovia, and West Covina - neighborhoods that are really known for having big box stores & lots of chain restaurants - and they’re aiming to continue to open in emerging markets who they hope are hungry for change.

My must-orders every time I go? Gotta be the bone marrow, the dirty tots & the "deviled avocados" which is an awesome ceviche in a hollowed out avocado. PLUS if you're ever lucky enough to be there on a "milk punch" day - you absolutely have to order one! 

Craft Hill 
424 Fair Oaks Avenue
South Pasadena, CA 91030

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