Deep Fried Potato Latkes are my New Hangover Food Obsession | Hot Hot Food in Silverlake

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Silverlake has a new funky eatery (Hot Hot Food) and they're serving up what is easily my new go-to "omg I want to die I'm so hungover" snackage and it's in the fusion form of seasoned deep fried potato latkes they're cleverly calling "Big Papas"! I mean c'mon! Just look at those beauties. Tell me you couldn't imagine sopping up that sloppy mess with a giant plate of potato goodness!

Pair that with some other fun casual good eats in a non-pretentious setting that offers both indoor and outdoor seating - good for the DoD (degree of darkness) of your sunglasses and you're set!

And as any true AA kid knows - yeah I meant asian american you fools - fried rice with your kitchen sink thrown in is another hangover helper, and they pretty much have every option your heart could desire from classic pork fried rice, to bacon and eggs, and because this IS silverlake, a "Kale-ing It!" option. 

So next time you're in the hood looking for some sloppy morning bites - give it a shot! And make sure you order more than enough Big Papas to go around...

Hot Hot Food
654 N. Hoover Street
Silverlake, CA 90004

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