Everything Bagel Avocado Toast is Life

by - 5:36 PM

Have you guys tried the Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe's yet? No? You haven't?

WELL LET ME TELL YOU. It's literally the best thing ever. I want to eat it on pretty much everything. All the time. Even by itself. Like a kitten drinking milk out of a shallow bowl.

Now I know realistically that's probably a shit ton of sodium, but that's OK. I won't do it often. I promise. Instead I'll toss it on some sourdough avocado toast with a healthy sprinkling of red chili flakes too... because that little bit of heat does wonders. Hrm. Maybe we should make some extra spiiiicy everything bagels. I'd be down with that!

Let me call my superhero Bagel Boyfriend and have him whip some up stat. Stay tuned!

*My boyfriend is an incredible bagel maker and used to routinely make amazing buffalo chicken bagels Sunday mornings... but interestingly enough, since dating me, he's stopped. WHY? I don't know. But maybe this will inspire him to get back on it! 

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