Money Can Buy You Happiness... In the Form of A5 Wagyu at Alexander's Steakhouse

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I now know what I want for my last meal on earth, if it ever comes to that, and it's easily to be bathed in A5 wagyu, preferable with a side of foie gras, and expertly paired wines!

This is what true happiness really looks like. And yes it does cost a pretty penny... not going to lie, this meal was hosted - and it makes me so glad that my business is the food business. BUT. If for whatever reason I had some money burning a hole in my pocket, let me tell you, I'd happily hand it over to these guys!

Now that you've stopped drooling over that first image, let me bombard you with a few more :).

First off they started the meal with a freshly baked bread bowl with a variety of fresh churned butters AND a bone marrow compound butter! Kill me now, right?

I've never had octopus as tender as this. Just. It's beyond words. It makes me think of every chef who's done it wrong, and every chewy piece of grilled 'pus, and if it's possible to make it this good, why settle for anything less?

OH. And then the short rib... the fall off the bone, tender AF short rib. I confess, I only ate a tiny bit of this because I knew what was coming -

YASSSSSS. Just all the good things one one board. Now I can die happy, right?! But also... why didn't I listen to my mom when she told me I should go into finance? Then I could eat dinners like this all the time - and expense it! (No no. Don't do that. But. I mean. If you can... I wouldn't judge you!)

Saving the best for last... this was a foie gras kaya toast. The toast was so incredibly light and coconut-y and the foie was airy and luxurious all at the same time. It was served as an appetizer but easily could have been my dessert.

NOW. If you've looked at all of this and are drooling, and then cursing yourself for not having the bankroll to live this life, I do have a solution!

The bar! What makes Alexander's so great - other than the ridiculous cuts of meat - is that everything on their menu is pretty freaking fantastic, from their hamachi crudo shots, to their king crab fried rice, to everything foie-d out (like foie...camole!) and you can easily get away with getting the delicious Alexander's experience on a more regular basis.

Oh - and if you go - you must find Jayse & have him make some suggestions. He's the man :).

Alexander's Steakhouse
111 N. Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

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