There's a New Sushi Joint Giving Sugarfish a Run for It's Money... | Uzumaki Sushi Review

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There's a new culver city sushi joint that's gonna give Sugarfish a run for it's money...

Uzumaki Sushi just opened recently over on Washington Boulevard towards the 405 freeway and it offers up a fairly substantial omakase menu for $23. It's pretty on par with Sugarfish's "Trust Me Lite" and comes with the same edamame & sashimi... granted they call theirs a "ceviche." 5 pieces of nigiri and then a cut roll of your choice.

Now where people always cry "oh my Sugarfish" lies in their warm and slightly sweetened sushi rice, but Uzumaki delivers not only similarly well done sushi rice, but the fish actually felt fresher and I really enjoyed that Sea Bream and Amberjack were two of the options in the platter... stuff you don't always see on regular menus.

Plus... now this is where they really won me over. You had a choice of a spicy tuna or a crunchy shrimp roll. My friend and I went halfies... and that was TOTALLY the way to go. The spicy tuna sat on top of a fresh veggie roll and packed a nice heat without the cloying saturation of sriracha laced mayo. It was refreshing.

And that crunchy shrimp? Noms. Like your favorite tempura roll done right.

Here's another secret trick... if the chef has some caviar lying around (and you have to ask) he'll whip up any of the nigiri rolls with a douse of caviar on top. Uni caviar anyone?

Now we didn't save room for dessert which was our own major fail, but they look like they have house made baked honey and green tea doughnut ice cream sandwiches which I'll HAVE to get the next time around. For sure.

Anyways - check it out! Let me know what you think :)

Uzumaki Sushi
11060 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

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