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When I heard about Supermoon Bakehouse - a hip fun new bakery in the LES in New York... I admit - I thought to myself, what is this Mr. Holmes rip-off? Not being in New York regularly - I'd missed the news... pastry chef Ry Stephen who basically made Mr. Holmes - Mr. Holmes, with his infamous cruffin (croissant muffins) had left mysteriously and started his own venture in Dominique Ansel territory! 

So much to unpack here. I vaguely remember the drama surrounding a recipe book theft... and then he apparently never gave a reason for leaving. But knowing that he had the winning recipe to create Insta-worthy creations and with Aron Tzimas as his partner (the guy behind the design aesthetics) - it makes sense that they'd strike out on their own. Apparently the name comes from the Supermoon that he'd witnessed right after moving to NY and also emblematic of the crescent shape of a croissant mixed with the round shape of a doughnut. Pretty cute! 

Alright - so they have all the trappings of food-bait, cheeky neon signs, tiled floors, holographic silverware, and a lineup of rainbow hued pastries with mash-up thrown all over them - but was any of it good? 

The short answer - YES. 

Like many people of my generation - the older cusp of the influencer world, we have a hard time rationalizing a lot of the vomit inducing things we see going on around us - and yet still subscribe to it because, frankly, it's our job. I know I've put a lot of things out in the world that cause a groan, a cavity or two, or the rage filled hate of internet trolls (sometimes justified.) 

And there are a lot of things that are made and sold that are absolutely disgusting - but people STILL #DoItForTheGram. 

Thankfully, Supermoon lived up to it's rep, and it wasn't the cruffin, or the croissants, or the doughnuts that won me over. It was the SOFT SERVE! (Don't get me wrong, the croissants were GREAT.) But they'd somehow managed to get the buttery, rich, flaky, and luxurious flavor OF the croissant and rolled it into a creamy, frosty, and delicate soft serve. It honestly felt like I'd been transported to The Good Place and one bite of the fro-yo of the day tasted like absolute heaven! 

You'll for sure get suckered in by their rows of pastries and shiny boxes - but if there's one thing I'd recommend next time you're in NY... it's the soft serve for sure.   

Supermoon Bakehouse
120 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

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