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So I thought about titling this something less on the nose like... melt in your mouth wagyu, or dry aged Korean bbq is the way of the future, or uni and caviar topped oysters are the stuff of sea otter dreams - but honestly, there's just one simple truth. A swagged out dinner at Cote Korean Steakhouse is legit THE BEST KBBQ I've ever, and frankly will probably ever have.

When it comes to Korean BBQ, there's a few key differences that make them better or worse... namely, quality of meat, quantity and quality of the banchan, service, and cost. I am a big believer in quality vs. cost and do have a hard time justifying places that are good, but charge WAY too much for what you're eating. I also will say that I've been invited into Cote as a media guest and filmmaker... I've done both their set menu and gotten treated to the absolute mouth melty luxury that's their A5... and I haven't paid for a bill... yet.

The first time I went, we opted for their "Butcher's Feast" which is their standard set menu at $54 a person and comes with 4 select cuts and all the assortments. Already the meat they served was far better than anything I'd ever had, and the waiter was there to ensure that each piece was seared to a perfect medium rare... after all, they've put in all the work to find marbled goodness, and age it, so they were most certainly not going to let us overcook it. A+ on the service.

The banchan assortment was pretty standard and on point. But one thing really caught my attention - the giant preserved perilla leaves which had a funky umami flavor and provided a really unique and different wrapping option to the traditional pickled daikon I'm used to.

AND THEN there's the "Fisherman's Welcome" - West coast oysters, East coast uni, and a dollop of caviar! Talk about surf & turf... but f'real, this is a gem all on it's own. And for any seafood lover an absolute must-have starter.

But let's get to the MEAT of this post... sure, the feast is fantastic and probably what I'd order when I go back because I'm not made of money - however if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket then GET READY, because if you thought you knew KBBQ - until you have a sizzling hot, fresh off the grill, perfectly cooked bite of A5 Wagyu - you know nothing of KBBQ.

Yeah. This stuff rings in at $30 / ounce - so it's not my every day go-to, but it's made for expense accounts and people who love the best things in life. I may have shed a tear when they brought out this hunk of meat and I'm not sorry about it. 

They also do a steak omakase for $125 - and you know what? OK I'm actually going to rant here for a minute. 

There are SO many times I go out to dinner in New York and spend $150 on "so and so's" new place - and I walk out severely disappointed... it happens the most often to me in NY (followed closely by San Francisco). It makes me angry that I feel duped into these overly inflated prices on food that's JUST OK because of the location. And don't get me wrong - there are for sure some exceptional meals and experiences to be had in the city (Granted those normally ring in around $250), but on the price vs. quality scale, this city continues to break my heart. 

So if I'm going to spend that - I'd be MORE than happy to spend that at Cote. The quality is all right there... in those beautifully marbled pieces of meat... and for that I'm eternally grateful! 

Cote Steakhouse
16 West 22nd Street (between 5th & 6th)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 401-7986

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