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I'm going to let you guys in on my little secret... I've found the PERFECT "work from home" stop to set up shop, and yes it does come with a full Turkish feast! Mama's Secret is a true hidden gem of a cafe on West 3rd that has apparently been around at least for a couple of years - and yet I'd never heard of it even though I've probably driven by it a thousand times. 

But on one of those random days of wanting to get out of the house to break up the work day I stumbled across them in my "free Wifi" search and thought - why not check it out? Walking in on a Tuesday at 11am and it was pretty dead... BUT every table had a large comfy couch and given that most Turkish breakfasts consist of a compilation of pre-made things - there wasn't much to loose. I settled in, spread out, and got to work. The music was upbeat but not too loud and the breakfast was fantastic. Lots of little things to nibble making it the perfect work and eat at the same time situation. My favorite of the offerings tho was the honey with a dollop of whipped butter spread thick on warmed pita. 

That said - around 12, the lunch crowd started piling in, and most of them chatted in a various array of middle eastern languages which actually was oddly relaxing. It was a great walla walla din to keep me alert but given I had no idea what they were talking about, it wasn't a distraction. 

But really - the giant couches. The large tables. The Wifi. And the Turkish tea... couldn't think of a better place to get lots of work done! 

Mama's Secret
8314 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 424-3482

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