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Close your eyes and imagine this... a warm pizza dough, stuffed with sweet potato and cheddar cheese, topped with marinara, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tons of mozzarella, cheese corn, bulgogi, AND a BLOOMIN ONION?! 

This is honestly nothing like any pizza I've ever had... I'm not even sure I can call it a pizza, but what I can call it is DELICIOUS. This is The Kingsly at Koreatown Pizza Company. From the pure classic description of a flattened bread dough covered with savory toppings including tomatoes and cheese - well they do have all of that but so much more.

I'm a crust person - I love when it's a little tough and chewy - perfect for dipping in dripped bits of cheese and sauce, or dare I say a side of ranch. But this crust is more akin to a cheese "stuffed" crust of Dominos... but with a sweeter and more interesting texture. With the sweet potato filling and the crispy ring of cheddar - it almost tastes like thanksgiving dinner... Add to that the spicy corn cheese, mozzarella, and a blooming onion and it really does taste like the melting pot of mid-west meals. But what really takes this over the top is the bulgogi - sweet marinated KBBQ. It compliments the rest of the flavors so well!

All said and done, it's a monster of a pie - so bring friends for sure. I can only eat about 1 1/2 slices before I'm stuffed... but if you're looking for something different, especially to soak up sloppy nights - this pizza has you covered! 

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