Why My Boyfriend Won't Let Me Get a BushBaby

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Ok ok - aside from the very obvious fact that Bushbabies are a wild and exotic animal that isn't meant to live in captivity - nor does well as a solitary pet (so yes - I know I was never ever getting one from the start...) I still can't help but absolutely love them as an animal. I mean, seriously - look at those adorable faces, tiny hands, and bushy tails - how could you not want to cuddle with one of them?

Plus PizzaToru - a fesity bushbaby in Japan fuels my warm fuzzy feelings... but when I propositioned the idea to my boyfriend - he gave a pass. Bijou, our cat, would most likely try to eat him.

I'd never met one in real life - but after watching countless videos, I had a strong feeling that we'd be fast friends. Then the unthinkable happened! While I was visiting the AMAZING DESTINATION Safari West up in Sonoma - they brought out one of their ambassador animals - a friendly, adorable, and cuddly bushbaby named Darwin. I almost cried at the thought of getting to play with him! 

Bushbabies or Galagos are a small, nocturnal primate that's native to continental Africa. They get their name from the noise they make... which sounds just like a baby crying. Their huge eyes give them ample night vision. Their long tails help them balance. Their ears share similar characteristics with bats allowing them to hunt in the dark. They have remarkable jumping abilities.

But then they let me in on a little fact about bushbabies... they also pee on their hands and feet... to help them climb better. It helps make their hands and feet sticky... So when I told my boyfriend all about my new best friend Darwin - he was like...


And thus... in an instant... any dreams of having one of these lovelies as my own evaporated in a pee covered mist.

FOOTNOTE: But really - Bushbabies are an exotic nocturnal primate species that live in complex and sophisticated family groups. Do not actually consider getting one as a pet - if you want to learn more about some of these exotic animals, or visit them for yourself - head up to Safari West where you can glamp with African wildlife, and check out Lynette at Lyon Ranch who's the proud mother of Darwin! 

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