BURN IT ALL... The Wood That Is

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So some of you might know this - but I finally launched my Etsy store mostly as a place to showcase all my fun arts & crafts! It's by no means going to be my life, but I do love creating cool things and right now - painting sketches, wood burning, and jewelry making are at the top of that list. 

Have you ever done wood burning before? It's seriously the most frustratingly satisfying experience ever. It teaches you a WHOLE LOT about patience and the joy of going low and slow. 

It started when I wanted to make Kale a sign for his coffee corner... he loves the Danish concept of Hygge - 

  1. A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being...

So I thought Kale's Hygge Nook would look great! I originally was planning on buying some wood planks and then painting it on, but thought - eh. Wood burning would feel more rustic and neat, plus - new skill! Right?

I started by sketching out the design, going for a fun calligraphy look. I didn't know how thick exactly the tips would be when I was working, but figured I could make it work. 

WELL the tips were actually quite tiny... and I have to say I did not invest in the pro kit, just a standard intro one so I learned a few things quite quickly. First off... that thing gets REAL hot. And yes. You most certainly need to use pliers to change the tips or you WILL loose your fingertips. *says sadly knowing from experience...

But the biggest thing was to get nice dark and deep burns you needed to work nice and slow. It's so satisfying feeling the power of the burn, seeing the smoke, and looking at the lingering scorch marks - but it was not a fast process. And like I said before. It was HOT. 

So before you start, pour yourself a nice frosty glass of beer. It does twofold duty of both easing your nerves and giving your fingertips a refreshingly cool relief between burns. 

But all in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! So then I whipped up some spice holders for my mum filled with everything bagel seasoning, pumpkin spice cinnamon & sugar, and her secret spicy bbq meat rub. I'll certainly be making more of these in the future and probably posting them up on Etsy. Any suggestions??

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