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I kid, I kid... If there's one thing that I've learned from chatting with Laura Guerrero, the incredible owner of Tlayuda LA - it's that a Tlayuda is anything BUT a pizza! That said, a slice is still a slice and one bite of this dish was all it took to get me hooked. 

But first - So what IS a Tlayuda? 

The Tlayuda is an iconic regional dish from Oaxacan cuisine that consists of a very large toasted tortilla (called the tlayuda) that's topped with some sort of savory spread, normally bean purees, refried beans, or pork fat called asiento, that's then topped with hand shredded Oaxacan cheese which is like a mild shredded cheese, tons of veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and avocado, and then meat - like chorizo, tsajo, or cesina. 

When Laura, who's a lifelong foodie, wanted to open a restaurant - she fed into the foodie field and totally "gets it," you want to get noticed? Make food that's BOTH "pretty" and "tastes good!" And, let's face it, since we live in LA - also make sure there's plenty of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, plant-based, nonsense on your menu that I'll honestly never eat, but LA culture thrives on. 

She understands the value of a good photo, a fan-base, and a following, yet doesn't let any ounce of that account for still building amazing flavors and mouth-watering dishes. I know that I'm sometimes a culprit of the pit-fall that many fall into of posting pics of IG fuel-worthy dishes that taste like garbage, so when something looks this stunning AND is worthy of licking the plate clean, it's like finding that foodie unicorn. 

One bite into the Tlayuda and you're swooning over the savory spiced meat trio, each one rocking it's own flavor signature, yet somehow when all three come together you somehow can still taste everything. The next bite? That crunch from the tortilla covered in what amounts to the best bean dip ever makes your mouth salivate for more. And by the third bite, when you are hit with the fact that there's so many fresh bright flavors from the veggies rounding out the dish - you're in love! 

While the Tlayuda is the namesake of the restaurant - I've also gotten the chance to try their tacos and, OH MAN, their torta's! Take all those delicious ingredients and put them on the softest, melt in your mouth bread and just WOW. This one above is one of her "off the menu" ones with egg and chorizo, that Oaxacan cheese, and avocado. Also when you go be sure to order up one of their "brewchata's" - half cold brew / half homemade horchata! 

Few other things to mention about Tlayuda LA - Laura's staff (cooks, servers, etc.) are all badass women!! She didn't necessarily mean for it to happen that way - and she's not opposed to hiring guys, but it just happened that she ended up creating an awesome sisterhood family when finding the right team to run the operations and I have to say, that's pretty dang awesome.

So do yourself a favor and check them out! You'll be so happy you did :). 

Tlayuda LA
5450 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(213) 261-4667

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