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When I read about Curra's Grill and their legendary avocado margaritas, I knew this was something I needed to try... but when I saw THIS SALSA SAMPLER platter, I was hooked. It went from a "if I have time to swing by" to "THIS IS MY FIRST STOP." And let me tell you, it was 100% worth it!

It's been around since 1995 and Chef and owner Jorge Garcia has created a menu full of delicious Mexican flavors from all over the country... from the Yucatan to Mexico City to Monterrey. And in honoring all of those different, unique, and spice fueled regions - this platter that features 13 different salsa's in a palette worthy of Picasso does it true justice.

And don't let them take the menu after you order - because you're going to want to taste test and see if you can guess which sauce is which and then read the full descriptions to see if you're right.

Jorge also understands the beauty of the Tex-Mex and that you feast with your eyes first - and it's apparent in all of his dishes. Try the chile spiced tortillas for a beautiful pop of red color. And order the rice with banana - it's really just as described. Spanish rice with a sliced up banana on top - but I have to say, it was a weird yet worthy addition. The sweet yet firm banana with the mellow spiced rice and the flavorful beans totally changed my outlook on what those flavors could do together. It's like a poor mans plantain, but even so... it works!

While all the food was quite delicious, the true star of the restaurant is still that Avocado margarita. Which - I've had avocado margaritas before, and they've been FINE. They taste like a weird creamy tequila, but it's never been something to slurp down, nor write home about. Curra's Grill margs however? They were - to quote my favorite Austin Chef Sharon Watkins from Chez Zee (another fantastic restaurant) - absolutely "Creamy Dreamy!"

So who wants a sip??

Curra's Grill
614 E Oltorf Street
Austin, Texas
(512) 444-0012

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